Tips to help shift workers sleep when the temperature hits 37°C

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Martin Dalton/REX (10345277x) Brighton UK visitors to the East Sussex resort make the most of the heatwave as temperatures reached over 30 celsius Seasonal Weather, UK - 23 Jul 2019

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Martin Dalton/REX (10345277x) Brighton UK visitors to the East Sussex resort make the most of the heatwave as temperatures reached over 30 celsius Seasonal Weather, UK - 23 Jul 2019

Most of the country woke up to temperatures way above average this morning after attempting to sleep in almost 25°C heat overnight. Met Office meteorologist Emma Smith said that the normal temperature for this time of year at around 5am is around 13°C or 14°C – so it was 10°C hotter today. On Tuesday, temperatures across England soared above 30°C, with forecasters predicting even hotter temperatures today. Emma said: ‘It will get to 35°C on Wednesday, with a small chance it will get to 36°C.’ So how are you going to get any shut eye at all if you work night shifts? 1. Choose your spot wisely As heat rises, your bedroom may not actually be the coolest part of the house. Heat may be trapped in certain rooms more than others – particularly if you live in a flat or apartment block and are sandwiched between other properties. So choose the coolest part of the house to sleep in, which may mean setting up a temporary bed in your living room or sleeping on the sofa. You should also be drinking plenty of water (Picture: Alamy) 2. Make sure your surroundings are just right It should be dark, cool and quiet to give you the best chance at getting off to sleep. Shift workers should invest in black out blinds – that are not dark in colour – or an eye mask that will help to block out the light of the day. Pale-coloured curtains are a better choice as dark curtains and metal blinds can actually make rooms hotter. Keeping curtains and blinds closed but windows open will keep things cooler inside – unless the temperature outside is hotter than in your room. In this instance, it is better to keep windows closed or only partially open to let some fresh air in. 3. Only use light bedding This applies day or night. Duvets should be removed and replaced with just a sheet instead. Use lightweight, cotton sheets in white or pale colours – the same applies to what you sleep in. Your night clothes should be loose-fitting and breathable. Choose a dark, cool place to settle down (Picture: Getty) 4. Turn on those fans An oscillating or rotating fan will help to lower the temperature of the room you are in as well as to provide a much-needed breeze and help you to drift off comfortably. 5. Use air-con – sparingly If you do have air conditioning, think about if you really do need to turn it on, due to the environmental impact. Close all windows before turning it on to make it as efficient as possible. Dr Sam Hampton, a post-doctoral research associate at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, advised people to take other measures to keep cool before cranking up the air conditioner, adding: ‘If necessary, air-conditioners should only be run when all the windows are closed.’ On Thursday, the Met Office says there is a 40 per cent chance the temperature record of 38.5°C – recorded in Faversham, Kent, in August 2003 – will be beaten. It is almost certain to beat the record for the hottest July day, which is 36.7°C recorded at Heathrow Airport in 2015. People play in the water at Ilkley outdoor pool and lido in West Yorkshire as the UK is expected to see its hottest ever July day (Picture: PA) The searing hot days also make for uncomfortable, sweaty and sleepless nights. We gave you some top heatwave tips for sleeping at night in 25°C heat – but it hasn’t been easy. reader Louise Oates, of Basingstoke, recorded a thermometer reading of 28°C at midnight in her home last night. She said: ‘Windows open and multiple tower fans on, yet the house is still like an oven. ‘It is that bad I am contemplating sleeping in the garden.’

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